Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Summer, Cousin Visit

Hey, we've been doing alot of stuff this summer including having our cousins,the Ramirez's, from Virginia visit for a week last month. We had alot of fun except on their 2nd day here Benji got his head cut open during a flag football game. He had seven stitches sewed into it.He's doing fine now and has them out.Other than that he had a pretty enjoyable visit. Heres some pics ofthe visit...

This is when we had our family that lives here in Oklahoma
as well as our family from Virginia.

The girl cousins. Terah, Rachel, Cassia, our cousin Sheila (in the pink skirt), our cousin Elizabeth (in the yellow shirt) , our cousin Priscillia (in the orange shirt),and the baby Terah's holding is our cousin Abigail,which is our cousin from Oklahoma.

Nate,our cousin Alex (with the basketball), and our cousin Jacob

We played alot of games with them!

Benjamin,Ethan,Jacob,and Alex